9 minecraft server hosting for free

 A list of 9 completely free Minecraft hosting with a description for each,many of them support mods, plugins, ftp, mysql and provide technical support.

Just in case, I’ll say the obvious – since the servers are free, there must be a catch, right? In our case, everyone has the same problems:

  • unstable connection
  • departures
  • a bunch of ads
  • long wait
  • etc.

I cannot single out the best of them, since other people needs mods, others don’t need mods. Backups are crucial to some people, while they are not crucial to others. In a nutshell, you get the gist of things. Choose yourself in accordance with your needs.

If any of their hosting sites stopped working, please let me know by highlighting its name.

1. FreeMC

Only Discord is used for registration. Allows you to create three free Minecraft servers with sFTP support and the option to change the game’s version. In addition, directly in the settings, you may increase the amount of RAM.

The hosting has its own Discord with 50,000+ members, where you can ask questions to tech support.

2. MineFort

 Minecraft Bedrock is not supported, pirated versions of the game are not supported.

The servers have 1 GB of RAM. Increase – only for a fee. FTP – supported, you can add your own plugins. The server will automatically shut down if there are no players on it within 10 minutes.

3. SkyNode

The company specializes in game servers and has a free plan for hosting Minecraft.

You can get a free server with 2 GB of RAM, a 2.6 GHz processor, and a 10 GB disk (not ssd, but hdd, of course).

There is no instant launch, no plug-in support, no backups. There is round-the-clock technical support.

4. Server.Pro

 Hosting specializes in gaming solutions. There are several plans, including for Minecraft, including for free use.

Free Plan allows 10 players to play at the same time. Use up to 10 plugins. Modpacks are not supported, but Minecraft Bedrock can be used for free.

5. ScalaCube

Free hosting is provided for two versions of Minecraft – Java Edition and Pocket Edition.

You will get access to ftp, ssh, mysql. Mods and plugins are supported.

It seems to be a dream server, but there’s a catch: the company’s policy on free hosting is as follows:

“The purpose of the free service is to test our service before purchasing an actual payment plan – hence why it is restricted.”

Therefore, in the reviews, there are complaints about friezes, brakes, freezes and crashes.

6. MineHut

 The free plan allows 10 players to play simultaneously with 12 plugins.

The server has 1 GB of RAM, no backups, no technical support, there is Ads.

7. OMGserv

You can choose the server location: France or North America (if you live in the CIS or Russia, take France).

Only for 4 players, no static IP address, database, backups, support.

But for free you will get an unlimited disk space, a server with an E5-2670 processor (2.6 / 3.3GHz), FTP access.

Hosting feature – one-click installation of any version of the game and plugins.

8. FreeMCserver

Has two whole free plans:

High Memory Server

  • Renewal: every 4 hours
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • Space: 10 GB
  • The need to wait for your turn: only if the load on the servers is high
  • Mod support: yes
  • Backups: yes
  • DDoS protection: yes
  • Slots: unlimited

Always Online Server

  • Renewal: every 2 days
  • RAM: 384 MB
  • Space: 10 GB (but can be increased)
  • The need to wait in line: no
  • Mod support: yes
  • Backups: yes
  • DDoS protection: yes
  • Slots: unlimited

If anything, in the admin panel you can switch between these two types at any time.

9. Aternos

Lastly,the only one from the list is in Russian. Free server forever. 

40 million users, 750,000 people play every day.


  • hosting has been operating since 2013
  • ready-made worlds can be loaded
  • support for mods and plugins
  • protection against ddos ​​attacks on the server
  • automatic backups
  • no ftp