Managed hosting refers to a hosting plan where the provider is responsible for the administrative aspects of the plan. There are two levels of managed hosting namely the partial and the fully managed plan and which ever option you take managed hosting saves you time and headache of server maintenance. There are several advantages that are inherent to managed plan which are outlined as follows –

Cost– Managed hosting will cost a bit more as compared to most hosting plans. The initial cost is however canceled out by the amount of time freed for the webmaster to perform other core duties. Maintenance is a time consuming undertaking that requires commitment and can easily compromise the time dedicated to your business which is the reason you have a website in the first place.

Enhanced performance-The provider avails superior software and hardware packages in a managed plan as compared to shared hosting or unmanaged hosting. Experts manning your website are up to date on the latest features that can enhance performance and readily avail the same in a timely manner. Performance can be affected by ignorance of the best practice on the side of the customer but with managed plan you have the ears of experts who you can fall back to in case of doubts.

Regular maintenance– To utilize the full potential of a hosting plan regular maintenance is mandatory. With managed plan there is 24/7 support that ensures that not only the hardware and software but the entire system is working. Any problem detected is fixed earliest possible assuring an outstanding performance. Left alone you may delay fixing defects due to lack of time or cheer ignorance and cause an untold damage to the system. With a managed plan a team of experts whose sole occupation is to maintain the system will take no chance with even the seemingly harmless faults.

Customized assistant– Managed hosting takes into account special needs that a customer may have.

Security-Security issues that are common in webhosting are limited in managed hosting plan. Frequent updates and backup are among the measures taken to minimize security issues associated with web hosting.

Extra resources– Apart from the usual resources allocated in many webhosting additional features such as more disk space and bandwidth are offered in a managed hosting plan. Programming language, web applications are also tailored according to the user’s need.

Reliability-Users who are not technically savvy experience downtime especially when they upgrade form shared hosting to dedicated hosting. It is safer to opt for a managed plan and let experts maintain the acceptable uptime consistently.