Cold fusion is a programming language in the same league with ASP and PHP among others. It is a scripting technique that enables creation of dynamic web pages. Web designers use cold fusion to enhance self-service applications, systems used to manage web contents and many others. It saves the user the headache of manual updates and the like. It is unique and stands way above the rest in terms of its wide range of applications. The tag-oriented cold fusion is offered by most hosting plan but requires some adjustment.

Like other web programming languages cold fusion have different versions that keep on evolving to newer ones. When searching for a provider, pick a vendor with the latest version as it provides good results. Each subsequent version has more features than its predecessor and readily compatible with your preferred database system.

Some hosting plans limit the use of cold fusion due to security issues especially that due tag. Shared hosting plan providers are particularly wary of the use of cold fusion tags owing to the server sharing arrangement which can spread the damage to the rest of the users. Dedicated hosting however gives you the leeway to use any tag of your choice. The downside of it is that it is relatively more expensive as compared to shared hosting plan. A number of pre-requisite are necessary for any hosting plan provider intending to offer the powerful cold fusion technology. The most crucial is a complimenting data base – the beauty of it is that, it is compatible to most of the common ones.

Essentially cold fusion is cheap but the accompanying features that are embedded raise the price. The cost of cold fusion therefore varies according to the combination of features that the provider offers. There are many cheap hosting plans that offer cold fusion like shared hosting. For the up market users a highly enhanced version coupled with Microsoft product is offered though a bit expensive. The idea is to search for a hosting provider that meets your needs and budgetary constraint.

Despite its superior features it still requires quality technical support and a reliable provider just like any other hosting service. Compared to PHP or ASP cold fusion may be less popular in terms of usage but it is widely used and available. It is prudent to assess your needs and be certain that cold fusion applications will be relevant to your website. A cold fusion web site is definitely the way to go for as long as it fits your needs.