Linux and Windows are the two operating systems used by most web hosting providers. Majority of users request web hosting packages based on either of the two operating systems. Although both systems can equally support different forms of web hosting plans, there are some distinguishing aspects that persuade users to prefer one over the other.

One aspect that puts the two operating systems apart is pricing. Linux web hosting plans are considerably cheaper than Windows hosting plans. This is due to the fact that Linux is available for free since it is an open source operating system. Providers using windows operating system as a hosting platform have to pay for a permit fee. The fee is obviously factored in when pricing Windows hosting plan making them more expensive than Linux hosting plan. Given that Linux hosting is as efficient and sometimes superior to Windows hosting, most providers and users alike prefers Linux.

Low prices notwithstanding Linux hosting plans are considered more reliable than the Windows hosting plans. Most users will first consider reliability over everything else while searching for hosting services. The deal is even better when such services are offered at a cheaper price which is the case with Linux hosting services. It should however be noted that to enjoy reliable Linux hosting services a user should seek a credible hosting provider who among other things ensures a regular maintenance of the server.

Security is equally a critical factor when searching for hosting plans. With increasing incidences of hacking a user should always keenly asses’ security features of a hosting plan. Linux have an edge over Window hosting on security issues. It allows users to put in place customized security measures unlike Windows which offer limited options.

Windows operating system is a Microsoft product and therefore compatible with all web related products from Microsoft. Web pages and scripts developed by Microsoft will only work on Window based hosting plans and good examples of this are Classic ASP as also ASP.NET web pages and script. Both are quite popular with users and since they cannot work with Linux operating system providers have to offer windows web hosting packages in order to serve their customers.

Similar users who wish to use Microsoft SQL and Microsoft access database for their sites have no option but to go for Window based web hosting services. Both are Microsoft products and can only be used with Windows operating system.

Both Linux and Window based web hosting services have unique features that appeal to different users depending on their needs. Linux is suitable for individual users due to low prices while Windows is more appealing to businesses since its rich with features required for online businesses.