If searching for web hosting services it is wise to explore the different time of web hosting on offer before making your decision. Basically there are two types of web hosting namely managed and shared hosting. The decision to pick either of the two depends on the purpose of your website.

Shared web hosting means exactly that, several websites sharing the same server. The array of websites sharing resources of a single server equally shares the cost amongst themselves making it cheaper for individual website. This type of web hosting is convenient for small businesses or individuals whose requirements are basic.

Shared web hosting is akin to newly employed tenants sharing a single room and as personal effects accumulate more space is required. A shared hosting provider offers limited resources and as activities increases in your websites performance declines. To improve on efficiency you can either request the provider to upgrade your status or consider managed webhosting to acquire more space and other resources.

With high volume of traffic in your site it is time to have an entire server dedicated to your site. This puts to your disposal the entire disk space, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth. In shared hosting option the technical aspect of the server is exclusively the responsibility of the hosting provider. This includes maintenance and administrative aspects of the machine or any security issue arising. This is quite an involving task that may prove challenging to those who may be lacking the necessary skills.

If as a website owner you are not up to the task then managed web hosting is your natural choice. Managed web hosting package is designed in away that the web host deals with all the technical aspects of the server. This ensures that the server operates efficiently and leaves you with sufficient time to concentrate with core business of running your site. The offer also saves you the cost of having to invest on technical skills required. Managed hosting is akin to outsourcing maintenance skills if you don’t have it in-house.

Managed hosting can be viewed as a compromise between shared hosting and dedicated server. Shared hosting, its cost effectiveness not withstanding, offers limited resources and security risks. Dedicated server on the hand comes with technical challenges and complications that involve extra requirements that you may not be endowed with.

It is prudent however to bear in mind the extra cost that comes with managed hosting. While making your choice do the costs benefit analysis to discover if the benefits adequately compensate for the extra costs. The purpose of operating your website remains at all times the underlying factor that should dictate your choice.