Dedicated hosting plan stands out over the rest of hosting plans due its superior resources. A user has the entire server at his/her disposal. It is more reliable and avails the user with bandwidth, data transfer and storage space in abundance. Though it is more expensive than the rest most serious webmaster has a preference of dedicated hosting plan over all the others. One major advantage is that it has the ability to support sites with high volume of traffic with little possibility of downtime.

Dedicated web hosting comes in two different types – the managed and unmanaged hosting plan. The difference between the two plans lies with who bears the greatest responsibility as far as administration of the server is concerned. With managed hosting plan the provider takes over the task while with the unmanaged plan you are on your own as a user. It is imperative to keenly assess what both plans have to offer in order to make an informed decision.

Managed hosting plan has all the resources normally offered by a dedicated plan. In addition the provider takes over the responsibility of technical support that may be required. The implications here are that you will have competent information technology experts at your disposal twenty hours. With a high price already attached to a dedicated hosting account it can be quite depressing if it does not perform optimally. This is especially beneficial if you are a novice in matters of web hosting.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting on the other hand means the responsibility of server administration lies squarely on the user’s shoulder. This may sound as a disadvantage but it all depends with the user’s technical ability to service and maintain a server. If a user is well endowed with the relevant skills then there is a host of benefits associated with unmanaged web hosting.

The unmanaged hosting plan allows the user full control of the server which allows him to create a more personalized server environment. This is especially suitable for a big business that may have its own full fledged information technology department. The truth though is that an unmanaged web hosting leaves much of the technical aspect to the user – there is a significant input from the provider in terms of support to enable smooth operation. The providers will also stand by software that they may have provided.

There is of course the issue of cost difference between the two hosting plan. The managed hosting plan is obviously more expensive than the unmanaged hosting plan, the reason being that the provider will factor in the cost of the technical support offered.