If you are a novice in the world of web hosting, managed web hosting is the option which you should go for. Managed web hosting takes care of the technical aspect of the web hosting. You are left to manage your website without any anxiety of a possible breakdown.

Managed web hosting take different versions depending on the degree the web hosting provider manage the administrative and maintenance aspects. If the web host takes up some task and leave the rest for the customer to perform then the web host plan is partial. If the provider takes up the entire technical aspect with little or no task for the customer to perform then that is a fully managed plan. It all depends with skills and time available from the webmaster’s end.

Though the maintenance angle of a fully managed web hosting is taken care of by the provider, the webmaster has a great deal of input to make. The customers have to provide information detailing the requirements of the site in question. The web host may do some follow ups and request for adjustments. The rest is pretty much the work of the provider. The server is auto configured with your set ups and you are up and running. Nothing works so well than fully managed web hosting plan especially for those with no previous experience of the intricacies of web hosting.

Partially managed web hosting is more like sharing out administrative tasks between the provider and the customer. The task of keeping the website performance at the most optimal level is partly the responsibility of the customer in this arrangement. There should be an agreement right at the onset on the role of each player. This join arrangement gives the webmaster a measure of control over the management of the server. The web master should of course be well endowed with necessary skills to perform tasks expected form his/her end.

Comparison of the two plans is rather tricky since they are at two different levels. Preference of one plan for another is a matter of what one need rather than one being better than the other. Nevertheless managed plan offers convenience while partial plan gives control. While convenience is essential it comes with a price. Control on the other hand requires dedication in terms of time and skills.

Before making a choice assess your needs and ability, avoid being lured by low prices then regret later when you discover you are not up to the task expected of you. In the same breath, avoid paying for services you can easily do yourself and gain control of how your website is operated.