Internet is a global phenomenon whose resources are almost infinite. It is a market forum where millions of buyers and sellers meets and transact on a daily basis. Each customer comes with special needs and preferences. Faced with such a huge client base with varied requirements it is impossible for a seller to meet their needs in total. It is up to the seller to design products that targets a given clientele.

In web hosting businesses there are obvious features and qualities that every customer looks for when searching for hosting services. Reliability, enough storage space, cost, up to date technical support and others are the main focus of every provider. To be noticed and make that coveted deal, then a provider has to think out of the box. One of the most effective means of getting noticed in the midst of other service providers is niche hosting.

Most providers will be offering all sort of hosting options to net as many clients as it is possible. A client for instance looking for a reseller plan is confronted with millions of offers. If such a client was to stumble on a provider specializing only with reseller plans the probability is he/she will get all the relevant information in a minute and make a decision equally first. Such a provider will have made a sale with little spending on ads and marketing simply because his/her reseller business stands out over the rest. A normal jack-of-all-trades providers will have the same service tacked in between the so many other services he offers. The client will have to pore through mountain of information before finally getting the same.

Niche hosting may not have a large client base like a conventional one due to the limited variety of services being offered. The few ones are however ready to pay considerably higher for the specialized services resulting in a high revenue. The small number of customers is likely to get high quality services and therefore there will be fewer request of support.

This genre of hosting can take different other forms specializing on different services related to web hosting. Services such as emailing are a good example, when receiving and sending mails is a critical part of a users business. Email hosting may serve such a client quite well by providing a server specifically for emails. In case of a downtime such a client will still receive the emails. Some users have valuable data that they can not afford to lose in case of server crash or security lapse. A provider can consider backup hosting as niche to venture in.

Language, applications and software hosting are other equally lucrative options that a provider can focus on.