One way of classifying web hosting is according to the packaging of hosting plans. You can have shared, managed, unmanaged or reselling hosting. Reselling hosting is so called because it involves web hosts who purchase disk space and bandwidth, repackage them and resell to users. With an increasing number of online businesses reselling ecommerce hosting plans is a big business.

To create a reseller ecommerce hosting plan that is appealing to online businesses, ensure all the features unique to online business are included in your plan. Catalogue creators, shopping carts, and merchant payment processors are among the features that should be incorporated while creating ecommerce plans. Some of these tools are offered for free or purchased in bulk lowering the prices considerably. A reseller account provides enough leeway to allow the provider to customize the control panels. This makes it possible to include any feature that you deem beneficial to an ecommerce hosting plan. It is also prudent to liaise with clients to establish any special requirement that needs to be taken into account while structuring an ecommerce hosting plan.

Price and quality are critical considerations to any potential clients. After ensuring that the hosting plans are attractively packaged, embark on a pricing mission. Your prices should leave you a reasonable margin and be attractive to potential clients. Consider prices being charged by your competitors and adjust accordingly. The reseller hosting allows you to maneuver around server resources allocation and pricing which enables you to competitively position your plan. A difference of up to 10 dollars with your competitors is acceptable for as long as it is adequately compensated with resources.

Reselling ecommerce hosting plan have an edge over conventional web hosting due to a high number of online business in search of web hosting services. Many offline businesses are also trooping to the internet in droves. While regular hosting plans are designed for general purposes, ecommerce hosting packages are developed with special features to fit online retail businesses. With universal inclination towards globalization of businesses ecommerce hosting plans market is guaranteed.

Employ simple tactics to woe clients into sampling your plans and clinching a sale in the process. Charity starts at home thus approach local businesses that are likely to have a measure of trust in you. Offer a trial version of your plans and probably put in some extra effort to ensure some positive outcome as a result of the trial. List your services to business directories and use other available advertising media. Maintain a high standard service delivery culture and existing clients will always recommend you to their friends and other prospective clients.