The domain acts as an address to your online store. It directs potential clients to your website to sample your wares and in the process clinches the deal. The choice of your domain name can make a difference between a profitable and a failed online venture. With so much weight attached to a domain name then due diligence is required while picking up a domain name.

It is a profitable arrangement to have the domain name same as that of the website and brand name. This improves the chances of a potential customer landing in your website every time he/she types the brand name. It is a common practice for clients who are looking for an item to just type the name of the item. If the domain name is different from that of the website, traffic intended for you lands in your competitor’s sites.

A lengthy domain name is hard to remember and easy to misspell. When the name is unnecessarily long it can easily be confused with others. An omission or inclusion of a comma or a word leads the client to a different site.

Hyphenated names are equally confusing. When you or a client is verbally recommending your website to potential customers it is tricky to remember hyphens. When typing a domain name with a hyphen the likelihood of misplacing it or omitting it all together is high. Plural names are equally likely to be misspelled by omitting the `s’. The total effects of such mistakes is your potential clients keep on being directed to other sites that are most likely offering the same wares as you.

While in pursuit of a suitable domain name the danger of copyright infringement is real. Avoid legal complications associated with this issue. If you are buying domain name do a thorough investigation to establish ownership. It also safe to verify previous use of such domains otherwise you may end up with a name used for sites which feature questionable content.

There are online tools that you can use to help pick names available for use. It is safe to diligently work on a unique domain name that is appropriate for your site rather than falling for trendy names that soon run out of vogue.

By use of the guide lines outlined above you can easily and safely pick a suitable domain name. Remember a good domain name can generate traffic to your website which in turn means more business. An obscure domain is of no value and can end up as liability. A domain that advertises your business, is precise, and is wholly owned by you is the most ideal.