The success of online business is a combination of several factors. The type of hosting and search engine optimizations is perhaps the most crucial aspects of them all. Both determine how efficiently your website will perform and consequently the volume of traffic you generate. This in turn have a direct impact on the volume of business realized.

Attaining high ranking in the search engines is a feat that requires a well executed plan of action. You have to shop for the most suitable web hosting plans and get equipped with valuable know-how in search engine optimization. A critical look at the available options is a good starting point to unlock the potentials in your online business.

Internet protocol address (IP) plays a prominent role in SEO web hosting especially when you are operating multiple websites. When one seeks to view your websites the Search engines detects your IP address. Imagine several IP addresses are assigned to hosting plan – it practically increases the possible routes through which the search engines can arrive at your sites. The different websites in a hosting plan are then recognized as different entities by the search engines. This is the concept at work in SEO hosting and it endeavors to improve search engine ranking by assigning a number of IP addresses to a hosting plan.

A strong back linking network is the primary objective of SEO web hosting which in turn improves your search engine ranking. With just one IP address the search engines recognizes all your sites as one and same thing. But with several IP addresses you can improve the search engine optimization through external and internal links.

In dedicated hosting the same arrangement of multiple IP is possible. The difference is the number that is practically possible to be assigned to each hosting plan. In dedicated hosting the number of IP addresses is less than ten as compared to more than fifty that are allowed in the SEO web hosting. It is also a requirement to justify your reason for extra IP addresses. The positive side of dedicated web hosting in this respect is that, the cost is relatively lower than in SEO web hosting.

When operating multiple websites the two options are ideal. The sites network has the effect of conveying search engine advantages amongst themselves through links. The ultimate business resulting form high ranking in search engine need no emphasis. Both options have unique incentives and you can choose accordingly depending on your needs and budget. While SEO webhosting plan offers almost limitless number of IP addresses, dedicated web hosting is cost effective but has a limit on IP addresses available.