The success or failure of your online businesses starts and ends with your website. It is the meeting point between you and your clients. It acts as your showroom, customer service forum and symbolizes your business identity. The appearance of your site affects the perception of your potential clients towards your online business.

The performance and appearance of your website depends on the web server your site is operating from. The bandwidth, data transfer, and storage space are among the web server’s resources that give life to your website. The abundance and efficient use of these resources determines the connection speed and uptime that your website experiences. If the resources are not commensurate with the level of activities taking place in your site the functionality and performance is adversely affected and vise versa.

In shared web hosting, the resources are thinly spread over several sites and performance is likely to be compromised. Though some information considered sensitive are not shared between different sites in shared web hosting arrangement everything else is communally used. Of particular concern is the IP address which is akin to physical address in conventional business parlance. If one of the sharing users gets involved in suspect activities everybody sharing the IP address faces the consequences. The possibilities of low search engine ranking or being de-indexed without any misdeed on your part are real.

The most enticing feature with shared hosting plan is low cost, but the inconveniences resulting from the resources sharing can easily cancel out what was saved. Users in a shared hosting plan eventually upgrades to other hosting plans. Though the reason of upgrading may not necessarily due to bad experience the eventual upgrading is inevitable as the business grows. In view of dangers and inconveniences presented by shared hosting right on the onset it pays to start with a hosting plan suitable for you.

Despite the outlined shortcoming of a shared web hosting plan there are many instances in which it is recommended. If you are operating a personal blog it is sheer waste to go for dedicated hosting plan owing to cost and possibility of under utilization of resources allocated. For most online undertakings that may not necessarily want a high volume of traffic and low privacy requirements shared hosting plan is suitable. The ease of operation and low cost may also appeal to startups that are unsure of their future in online business. If you have an established online business venture and using shared hosting plan you should consider alternatives that offer flexibility, privacy, and enhanced performance.