Primarily web hosting services are the means through which individuals and businesses are able to provide information and display their wares on the internet. These services vary depending on needs and budget of users. Providers develop hosting plans with all kinds of features and pricing to entice their clients. The cost attached to a hosting plan reflects the amount of resources available, performance and quality of the websites. However, there is an option of free services in the name of free web hosting.

Shared web hosting is arguably the lowest-priced plan in the market and acts as a benchmark when doing comparison between hosting plans. The free web hosting on the other hand have no cost attached. Cost is not an issue while comparing the shared hosting and free hosting but performance but limitations and qualities are the aspects that put them apart.

Though free web hosting is ideal for users with only elementary needs it suffers credibility issue especially for online businesses. The free hosting plan does not have individual domain and anybody visiting your site can tell that you are under a free hosting arrangement. The site quality is below the standard due to limited resources. This may vary between different providers though.

Reliability is a major concern for many users in both shared and free web hosting. Having many users share a server presents reliability issue, due to exceeding hosting plan straining the server. For free web hosting, reliability varies from one provider to another though it does not differ significantly with shared hosting.

Being free of cost, free web hosting has lot limitations in terms of resources as compared to shared hosting. While you can upgrade your system in shared hosting depending on how much you are willing to pay, you have to stick with what is offered in free web hosting. For this reason it is recommended for beginners who may wish to have a feel of hosting before upgrading to paid hosting plan.

Both hosting plans have varieties you can choose from. Shared hosting has several hosting options that one can choose from. Free web hosting also takes different forms depending on the providers. For users with online business with average traffic volume shared hosting plan is ideal. It provides different features which gives your site that professional look. For those venturing to web hosting for the first time free web hosting will give you a feel of what web hosting is all about. It is quite irrational to incur cost on resources you may not use while free hosting can provide reasonable services for the total cost.