There are many reasons why one would like to own more than one domain name. It may be that you want to buy and make profit by reselling them. What ever is the reason, it is wise to consider buying them in bulk. There are numerous benefits you can reap by doing so ranging from monetary to convenience.

Like any other commodity in the market buying domain name in bulk reduces the price of each name considerably. Most providers offer a generous discount on bulk purchase of domain name. On average a domain name can go for 8-10 ten dollars or less. If a provider gives a discount of several cents per domain name the cumulative discount will make quite a difference. If they are for own use you end up with a several free domain names. If on the other hand you want to resell them your profit margin will go up. Generally buying in bulk is a cost effective way of acquiring domain name.

Domain names purchased on bulk can equally be registered in bulk. The process of registering a domain name is rigorous and can take up your precious time. By registering them all at once you save time by shortening the process considerably unlike when you register them singly. The benefit of time saving extends even to the renewal process. Domain names bought and registered in bulk can also be renewed all at once.

In most cases domain name owners lose their rights over them by forgetting to renew them when it is due. It can be even trickier when you own a couple of them registered individually. When your domain names are registered in bulk it lessens the risk of forgetting to renew. Most providers have designed features and mechanisms to ensure you don’t fall back on renewal. If you have several individually registered names it means you have to be on your toes keeping track of renewal dates for each.

While buying domain name in bulk does mean the extra work it requires in form of keen assessment to ensure you reap the benefits as outlined above. Some provider may require you to buy a certain minimum number of names for you to be eligible for discounts. Scrutinize different offers carefully to ascertain the amount of discount being given by each so that you can pick the best deal. It is prudent to be vigilant otherwise you may end up with an overly expensive package if you deal with an unreliable registrar.

As implied in this article all what counts in bulk purchasing of domain names is a hawkish eye and the ability to read between the lines. Some of the discounts on offer are not so obvious and requires some diligence.