These days everyone is after domain names, be it for an email address, a personal website or an online business venture. Possessing the ownership of a good domain name is being treated as something credible for individuals because domain names reflects on the owner, thus sending the message out that the individual is independent of a free email service or web hosting service.

A free domain name or email address just does not create the same impression as a paid domain name or email address and that is why so many people are after domain names. In case you have a nice domain name in mind then it is advisable to get it registered as soon as possible lest others may secure it for themselves.

Most of the times people aren’t that lucky to get the domain name they are looking for because that would be taken by someone else; so in such a situation, you have two options namely that you can either settle for another domain name or you can try to buy that domain name from its owner. If you choose the latter then your results may vary, depending on the reason of registration of the domain name. There are many cyber squatters or domain speculators out there who buy domain names with the sole intention of selling them to people for a higher price. These people usually sell domain names via bidding and the highest bidder lays claim to it.

In other cases the domain names are bought because the company or the individual has a desire to start a legitimate online business and hence in such a case, the harsh truth is that you will not be able to buy the domain name from them. So that means you will have no other choice but to forget your ideal domain name which has already been taken and come up with something better.

If you still want to stick to your ideal domain name for some reasons then you will need to tweak the original name a bit. You can do this by adding additional words towards the end of the name or the beginning. You can also use the same domain name with extensions like .org or .net. Even though these might not sound as familiar as the .com extension but something is better than nothing. So if you can have the same domain name but with a different extension then why not?

Another alternative is that you can use your country name as the domain extension. For instance it is .ca for Canada, .ms for Montserrat, .de for Germany, .in for India, etc.