Do you know what a sub-domain is? It is actually a section of the main website which you own that is set up and identified as a cyber real estate of its own. You can set up a lot of sub-domains for very little cost or even for free on the hosting account that you own. In order to locate sub-domains you will have to explore your main website’s directory and look for folders which carry a pre-name to the domain name you are currently using as these are the sub-domains.

Sub-domain names can be used for research, development and script testing purposes. It is very easy to identify a sub-domain name, for instance if the domain name of your main website is Then URLs such as http:/ is a sub-domain for traffic exchange, http:/ is a sub-domain for free mail service for members and so on.

In order to make the best use of your sub-domain names it is important to ensure that all these sub-domain names have the same theme. This means that the theme of all your sub-domains should be in-sync or compatible with your main website’s theme. For example if your main website is all about providing advertising services to people then it makes no sense to launch a pet store under it. Did you know that each of your sub-domain names serves as a gateway to the main website of yours? These gateways can be used by visitors and even search engines!

In order to create content for a site (even a sub-domain site) one has to invest some time. That is why a lot of webmasters prefer to simply modify the existing text of their main website and use it for their sub-domain site. In order to make sure that the sub-domain does not redirect to the actual site, one should ensure that the text isn’t entirely same, otherwise the sub-domain site would not be indexed by search engines and at times it may even be excluded.

You can submit your sub-domain website to the search engine in the same manner as a regular website. It just ensures that you will have more websites for the search engine’s spiders to find and you will be able to provide internet users with more ways of finding your website. When you link your sub-domain sites to your main website, the ranking of all the websites you have will improve. You can use your sub-domain sites for the purpose of testing banner exchanges and other mediums for advertising as in this way it won’t clutter up your main website. So get creative and branch out your products and services by creating sub-domains and connecting them to your main website.