Do you know what are the three main factors required in order to be successful with your online business? Diligence, diversification and persistence – these are the keys which play a seminal role. However the sad truth is that if you are Dependant on a single website then the single revenue stream arising from that site will not be enough to provide you with a full-time income.

So this is why a lot of successful online entrepreneurs are constantly expanding their holds by creating new websites and attaching them in a network. So if you want to continually expand your online reach just like those successful online entrepreneurs then you too need to have your very own network of websites. You can build new websites and enter different niches as well since there is no harm in trying and who knows you might just get lucky!

When it comes to the online world, each of your website denotes a new business opportunity and hence you should not be afraid of penetrating a new niche in order to create some revenues from it. Having more and more revenue streams means that your monthly or annual income would increase. So do not make the blunder of being reliant only on one website because you will not be able to target multiple markets and you will not experience success. So keep exploring new business opportunities and niches and register multiple domains as these are the keys to success. Studies reveal that an average webmaster has about 10 domain registrations each year!

You should also ensure that the hosting provider you have selected offers hosting plans which are capable of handling multiple domains since each website owned by you will affect your web hosting account because it requires server resources. So if your hosting web server isn’t up to the mark then it will not be able to bear the burden of multiple domains.

When you opt for multiple domain hosting you will be able to build a lot of related links to your main websites and you can also do the same to smaller websites having the same niche. In this way you will be able to funnel all the traffic to your main websites. Hence it can considerably improve the conversion rates and you will be able to diversify your SEO efforts. Having multiple domains shows that you have a significant online presence, so you will be able to create more leverage within each niche or industry and this in turn increases the traffic to your websites. With so many advantages attached to using multiple domain hosting there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider it!