A lot of people tend to automatically associate virtual web hosting with cloud hosting or VPS hosting. However things are certainly not the same in the case of new webmasters because they use virtualization software within the web servers owned by them in an attempt to bring together Windows operating system as well as Linux operating system. By amalgamating both the operating systems together in a single web server, one can get rid of a lot of disadvantages relating to both Linux web hosting as well as Windows web hosting. Hence the software restrictions of both the web hosting solutions are removed and the true power of dedicated hosting plan or VPS hosting shines through.

The decision to use this kind of solution for ecommerce definitely has a lot of advantages – for instance it enhances the company’s SEO efforts and also allows the webmaster to utilize any ecommerce software of his/her choice be it for Linux or for windows.

One of the many advantages offered by Virtualized web hosting is that it allows unlimited compatibility. Gone are the days when there was a problem choosing a particular operating system for one’s web hosting plan as these days any webmaster can install any software of their choice in his/her hosting account as long as it is permissible. However virtualization software isn’t allowed in case of shared hosting account because that would change the server configuration, which isn’t allowed. So if you want to use VMware or any other visualization software then you will need to look for a good VPS plan.

Earlier in order to have a web server with Linux and Windows one has to pay for both separately, but now thanks to the arrival of virtualized web server software it is now possible to run both the operating systems simultaneously at half the price. These means that you no longer need to make that confusing decision of picking either Windows or Linux because you can have them both. It is advisable that one should buy a Linux hosting plan and then get a partition of Windows installed within virtualization software because Linux hosting is cheaper than Windows hosting.

Since virtualized operating systems are distinct from the web server’s original operating system therefore in the event of a damage occurring to the virtual operating system, there will be no effect on the native operating system because these are two different aspects. So you can use your virtualized operating system in order to test files which look suspicious as in this way in case of any virus, your native operating system would not be affected.