If you have an online business and a running website then you will be aware about domain names, however for a lot of non-business people out there this territory is still quite new and unknown. Domain names are extremely important and more so in the case of SEO or search engine optimization. One thing about domain names is that these aren’t case sensitive, which means that one can access and display the domain name in advertising in capital letters, small letters or even a combination of capital and small letters. However it is advisable to not use a combination of upper and lowercase because it becomes difficult for the customers to type as well as remember.

There is no screening process when it comes to domain names as these are registered on the basis of the first-come-first-serve policy, meaning if another person registers a domain name which you want as well first then you will have no choice but to select some other name. Another thing you can do in this situation is to purchase the domain names which are already expired. This happens when the original user forget to renew his/her registration. The minimum amount of characters needed for a domain name is two and the maximum is sixty-three. However the saying ‘the more the merrier’ isn’t apt here and one should stick to using short names only because these are easier to remember and one wouldn’t even make a typing mistake and land on someone else’s site while typing the long domain name.

Good domain names are hard to come by and that is why when you think of one which isn’t taken then you shouldn’t dilly-dally at all and get it registered straight away because this would be a smart decision and something that you would be proud of. Domain names are extremely useful tools which can help support your online business in numerous ways so do not even underestimate their importance. So that is why it is necessary to protect your domain names.

In order to protect your domain name you can select any one of the following two methods – registering the organizations’ name which is recognized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names or registering the brand name and the numbers. The main use of domain names is to help in the identification of the networks and the hosts since names are easier to remember in comparison to a random set of numbers. It is these names which are used in URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) to help with the identification of web pages.

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