If you are looking for high quality and standardized online security then a dedicated server might be what you need. This type of server is great if the website is hit with a lot of traffic. The server will cost you more since you will be the only one using it. If you are just starting your website out then you should probably wait until you have grown it and the traffic is nonstop before you go with a dedicated server.

With a dedicated server you will not have to worry about sharing space on the same server with other websites. This helps to make transactions more secure for your customers when they are shopping with you. With a shared server you will find it is cheaper but there is the risk of security since there are so many people sharing the same server for their websites.

On a dedicated server there is no longer the need to worry about the code someone else is entering in for their website. When you are on a shared server if one person enters code wrong then it does not only affect them but everyone else that is on that server. If you are the only one on the server and code is entered wrong then you can easily fix it and do not have to wait on someone else to find their error.

With a dedicated server you do not have to worry about being limited on space. If you need to upload vast amounts of data or use a variety of programs there will not be any issues. When you are sharing a server and there is a problem you will find the need to rely on the host for fixing the problem. This could leave your website off line for long periods at a time. When you have your own server there are fewer problems so the need to rely on the host does not happen often.

If you are using a server by yourself there is no need to worry about things slowing down. The speed is fast and very reliable. Even though a shared server is less expensive it cannot match the speed of a dedicated server and hence the investment is worth the value for money. The dedicated server is not for everyone but if the website is big and the traffic keeps growing then the server could be your next step for staying ahead.