One of the cheapest ways for you to host your website is with shared hosting. The reason this service is cheaper is because you are sharing space with others who have their websites present there as well. You will share all resources with everyone that is on that particular server.

When you are on a shared server with one website you will pay a monthly fee for the service. As your business starts to grow you may find it necessary to build more websites to keep up with the expansion. This is great but with a shared server you are going to have to set up each website separately. Then you will be charged a fee each month for each individual website which might work out to be quite a pocketful. The shared server provider will not let you do all the sites on one server with only one fee because there is not enough room.

If you think somewhere down the road you are going to expand your business and will need multiple websites there are providers that can accommodate you. The providers will let you put all your websites on one server and charge you one monthly fee for everything.

There are many different reasons for sitting up multiply websites at once. If you have an e-commerce site going then you could build a few smaller sites in order to advertise your main website. There are many different tools that are available for you to use when building your websites. The tools make it simple to maintain all the sites in one place, upload photos, or even for you to do some blogging about your site.

If you have several websites then you might think it is going to be very expensive for each domain name. The domain names are cheap and will pay for themselves in just a couple of months. You can even have email addresses put in place for each website to make things easier to keep track of.

As the market continues to grow so does multiple domain hosting. You will not have any troubles locating a provider who will have nice packages for you to pick from. This kind of hosting is a little more expensive then the shared hosting but all the space will be yours along with the resources. There will not be a need to share anything if you are on a multiple hosting server.