In lay man’s words web hosting is the process of making your website available to others through the World Wide Web. This means online users can view your site via the internet. Now your website comprises of texts and images need to be downloaded for this kind of viewing. For this you need a web server to host your site so that internet can view your site. This web server is called a web hosting provider.

In order to know more about the different kinds of web hosting mention may be made of co-location hosting.

This is an expensive web hosting that makes the customer owner of a server. Customers get full administrative control of their servers in this kind of hosting. Hence the maintenance of servers becomes their sole responsibility. That is why on an average co-location hosting costs around $500 to $1000 a month depending on the space consumption and bandwidth usage.

The next kind of web hosting is the reseller hosting. This kind hosting is like a getting server space from a middleman. Resellers allocate space in a server after buying or renting the space from a mother company. The expenses on an average can be limited to $7 to $10. In addition to this the mother company provides for maintenance in the long run.

The third of this kind is dedicated hosting. This is a web hosting which creates a space in the server for only one customer. It is called dedicated hosting as it is dedicated to one customer at a time. A customer can make amends in the server according to their requirements under this type of hosting. The monthly cost of dedicated hosting approximately can range within $50 to $500.

The fourth is called shared hosting which is about sharing physical space in a server. A web server can host a lot of servers without much difficulty as they have highly technical environment to manage them. Approximately the cost of these servers can vary around $5 to $20 per month.

Whether it is a low or a high cost web hosting company you need to research on your own about them. Make sure that you do not fall for those cheap companies just to save a few dollars. Find out from customer testimonials and accreditations from companies like D&B and BBB for the authenticity of any web host. Follow these trails to discover your way to a good web host for the novice that can guide you properly.