When you have a website on a server you should know when the best time to upgrade your shared hosting plan is. Shared hosting means there are several websites using the same server around the clock. When the websites start growing in size because a large amount of data is being uploaded or if too many customers are hitting at the same time then you will start to experience some problems. The server could start moving at a crawl or you might even experience the server crashing.

You are probably like most people and when you first decided to launch a website and make it live on the Internet you were looking for the most expensive way of getting the site hosted. There is nothing wrong with doing this when you first start with the website. But as the website grows and traffic comes in flocks you could find yourself getting frustrated with the server if issues start happening.

There may come a point in time where your website is doing so good that you will want to put up more. Now when you signed up for the shared hosting plan you probable might have observed that you could have an unlimited amount of domain names. The one thing you might have noticed though is there could be a fee for each name you use. You should see how much the fees are going to be and if they are expensive then now would be a good time to upgrade your plan. Remember the more websites that are hosted on a single server the more likely there will eventually be problems along the way.

If your site has crossed the stage when it is getting more hits than you count to all of a sudden hardly any at all then you will need to see what is going on. When this happens it usually means there is too much traffic for the server and everything is taking forever to load for the customers. Customers are in a hurry and do not want to waste time waiting for a site to load. This is the quickest way for you to lose business. If your site is taking forever to open and load then this is the perfect time to upgrade your hosting plan.

When a server crashes it will not let anyone come to your site. The customer will usually get an error message of some sort. This can also be discouraging to your customers and they will find somewhere else to shop. The first time you experience this you will know it is time to upgrade the hosting plan immediately.