An individual who opts for dedicated hosting is privy to a number of benefits accruing from it particularly if he is an online entrepreneur and is the owner of a website which receives a lot of traffic. For such a website, using a dedicated hosting plan could be a result of a number of different reasons depending on the individual requirements, the foremost being the many advantages of such a hosting plan.

One of the biggest advantages of dedicated hosting is that the client need not share his server with other websites. Unlike shared hosting wherein there are a minimum of 10 online entrepreneurs sharing the disk space and utilizing the resources, a dedicated server allows the entrepreneur to have complete ownership of the server including its tools such as the disc space, RAM and so on. As a result, not only is the website safe from bad scripts and illegal coding but also from being overloaded with excessive number of websites.

Customization is another reason to opt for a dedicated hosting plan as such a plan would be in keeping with the special requisites of the business. Most often the plans offered through shared hosting are termed as being ‘cookie-cutter’ in nature meaning there is an assortment of features so as to suit a number of people but may not be applicable to your business at all. On the other hand there might be features which may be imperative for your website but unfortunately are not included in plan. The only solution in such a situation would be to select a dedicated hosting plan as instead of being loaded with add-on applications you can choose exactly what is needed.

A seminal factor for the success of an online website is the speed with which the pages are loaded as also the downtime – the quicker the pages are loaded the more successful is the website and vice versa. Needless to say, dedicated hosting facilitates this speed due to which the web page is seldom off-line and traffic is at its peak without any obstacles. This is in complete contrast to shared hosting in which the slow speed and longer downtime result in loss of customers.

Security in a shared environment is usually a question mark as the probability of someone on the shared plan breaking into your website and hacking into your confidential accounts is extremely high. In such a situation, the best option would be a dedicated hosting plan and its significance would be particularly apparent in case of a company which indulges in financial transactions and stores bank and other details related to them.

Upgrading is also easier with a dedicated web hosting plan as you will not only have the freedom to create a back-up database but also have the choice of adding and removing features according to your requirements. Thus, even though it is more expensive, a dedicated hosting plan is good value for money in the long run and definitely works in favor of your entrepreneurial skills.