Colocation hosting is the latest option in the field of web hosting wherein it is possible for the individual to either operate his server from a simple hosting plan or to select a dedicated connection for running his business. This kind of hosting occurs when the machine belongs to the colocation provider and is borrowed by the entrepreneur along with its Internet protocol, bandwidth, power and other provisions. Once the connection is operational, it can be used like a standard web hosting with the only difference being the availability of hardware with the entrepreneur.

Most of the people do not even consider a colocation hosting plan owing to its high cost as compared to the other types of hosting available. There are a number of reasons as to why colocation hosting costs more than the others in its category and some of them are listed as follows:

Location – More often than not a colocation facility is accommodated in a futuristic data center which is home to equipment worth millions of dollars mandatory to maintain hundreds of servers and high speed Internet connections simultaneously. Apart from ensuring the online availability of the web server at all times, such a location also provides security against theft or even natural calamities like fire which could prove to be extremely destructive and financially overbearing on an individual. Maintenance of controlled atmosphere is an expensive affair at such centers as also the payment of staff in form of experts and technicians, all of which costs a fortune. Indeed it is then the client opting for colocation hosting who is expected to shell out more than just a pocketful of money for such a plan.

Optimum performance of the web server – One of the most common complains of clients using private hosting plan is that the moment there is a problem with the server the Internet connection is lost till restoration occurs. The problem could be due to breakdown of machinery or a maintenance issue and in both cases all server related operations are shut down till further notice. This has been taken care in case of colocation hosting through provision of multiple Internet connection channeled through various service providers. As a result, the chances of the server going down are very less and local and regional issues are hardly a concern. Obviously, for acquiring this quality connection charges would be on the higher side.

Security – Security is optimum in a colocation hosting center as in not only is the center manned round-the-clock by trained experts but is also surrounded by physical barriers which would discourage any trouble maker. All this takes a lot of investment and it is but natural that the burden should be borne by clients whom the facility provides an income.