In web hosting it is the provider and the end user who represents the two sides of the coin and therefore a good platform is the one which proves advantageous to both the categories without being biased towards any one. The viability of a web hosting platform is best adjudged by the standard of its control panel and one of the best options for Windows is the DotnetPanel.

DotNetPanel suffices for shared as well as reseller hosting packages offered by Windows and through its plethora of features makes management of Windows hosting a simple procedure. It is SMB SAAS Systems Inc. which is credited with having created such a control panel which is not just user friendly and affordable but is inherently strengthened to provide adequate support.

Some of the salient features of DotNetPanel which provide with an edge over other control panels are –

• Convenient – this control panel is not only easy to install but quick as well so that it is ready to use within the soonest possible duration.

• Multi-server – It is a scalable application which is well distributed and makes use of the n-tier system.

• Security issues – Due to the incorporation of advanced security programs like process isolation and asymmetric cryptography this control panel operates smoothly and is safe from many security concerns which affect other applications adversely.

DotNetPanel is unbiased towards the hosting provider as well as end user through its following characteristics –

• Courtesy of this control panel, the user is able to manage his files efficiently through standard options like creating files and folders, copying files, moving them to a different location and advanced choices like the zip/unzip function.

• With this control, the user need not depend on the File Transfer Protocol and especially if the users are behind a firewall, they need not make use of complex configurations for performing normal functions.

• DotNetPanel is inclusive of default documents, custom errors, security settings and similar properties because of which users can not only manage websites and virtual directories but can also change the location of the folder any time he wishes to.

• One of the features which are unique only to DotNetPanel is its ability to create backup facility for database which can be restored again at any later date.

Windows reseller hosting with DotNetPanel is advantageous because –

• There is no upper limit to the sub-reseller accounts which the user can set up with this control panel in use.

• Navigation between websites, accounts and databases is very simple as there is a centralized interface to facilitate the needful.

• A unique feature of this control panel is that it enables the user to activate the different reseller accounts in distinct packages so that on being suspended it is only that particular package which is affected and not any of the others.

• Through the audit log feature it is possible to keep track of user accounts, their credentials as well as activities.